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Yes, I love you. You know who you are (Blackberry, Bluetooth and Tivo). April 2, 2009

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Let’s face it, I’m not what you would call a technology kinda girl.  Granted I’ve learned how to blog which shows I’m not completely void of ability… the point is, there are three technological devices that I would like to say, (big step), “I love you” to: 


Blackberry, Crackberry, Dingleberry, whatever you may be called-

I love you for the obvious reasons; instant access to e-mail, bbm and great picture quality.  BUT… I also love you on a deeper level (I mean you were a gift from someone very special to my heart).  Your tiny keys, they really are so tiny, have given me a solid appreciation for just how nimble my oversized German fingers are and can be.  While I don’t doubt all of this tiny typing may lead to my eventual battle with arthritis, I feel so superior to our monkey cousins, thumbs… hah, wonderful, useful thumbs.  Also I have to thank you for saving me from all those potential meaningless conversations in public.  I now just stare at your screen, looking perplexed and push buttons, it works, no one bothers me, thanks. 


Bluetooth, Earpiece, Cancer Causer, yeah you-

I love you!  I don’t own one, nor do I ever care to own one.  In fact I’ve never used one in my life.  However, because everyone else has one now people no longer stare or judge when they catch me mumbling nothings to myself.  What was once a socially awkward habit is now completely acceptable.  I feel liberated.  I’ve stopped mumbling and now talk full volume, why the hell not?  


Tivo (do you have a nickname?)-

I know, a lot of people love you so this isn’t going to come as a surprise… but, I love you.  Because I’m unemployed I have zero time to sit around and watch meaningful reality shows.  Thanks to you, Tivo, I don’t have to juggle my already crazy schedule of sleeping in, facebooking, beach visiting, blogging and sand pile climbing around my favorite television series.  I can wait and watch them all when I finally have the time!