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Remaining Worldly and Finding my Quill… August 1, 2011

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Remember when I used to write?  I’ve been pondering this the past few days.  Why don’t I write anymore?  I can’t remember the last time I blogged (unless you count my Cat News blog… yeah, it exists). Was it lack of inspiration?  As I sit here now I find nostalgia has created false memories of me bent over a dark wooden desk, quill in hand, feverishly writing, refusing food or drink until collapsing in the wee hours of the night.  Okay, that’s not really what happened, I guess what’s more accurate is that I’d write at work (sshhh) or in bed at night.  With a significant other in the picture I haven’t been doing much, ahem, writing at night.  And besides I’m glued to the damn television wondering who idiot Ashley is going to pick (JP or Ben!?).  Just like anything in life I guess I simply need to make the time for it. 

But the real reason behind my need to tap the keys today is that I just discovered an amazing website.  I’m sensitive.  I know from some of my entries you wouldn’t come to that conclusion, but I am.  My roommate happens to work for a local news station and therefore I find myself submerged in America’s latest.  I feel slightly more worldly and intelligent as a result.  But I also find myself scared to take my laundry down outside in the night.  Did I lock the door?  Is someone following me?  Will I be stabbed or even worse will they steal my quarters!? 

Introducing the best news website EVER:

A concerned mom wanted her 7 year old daughter to be caught up on the news but was afraid some of the content was too “raw” for her.  She created htekidsnews.  Little did she know that she was creating the perfect news source for ME, a 27 year old school receptionist who loves cats!! MEOW.

Below is just a sample of the wonderful news they share with me and my playground friends:

 Should Dogs Wear Seat Belts?



July 15, 2011 — Seeing a dog sticking his head out the car window enjoying the sights and smells on a sunny day is super cute, but is it safe?
Increasingly, many are saying it’s not…



 Well isn’t that food for thought.  If you find yourself itching to read the whole story just go to their website. 

I’ll write more soon.  After I find out who Ashley picks tonight on the Bachelorette!