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Little Leah does School Fundraising! January 13, 2011

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Working at a middle school I am frequently asked to give money to students for one cause or another.┬áMost recently I was asked to buy cookies for troops over seas and I was suddenly filled with memories of my fundraising days…


4 Responses to “Little Leah does School Fundraising!”

  1. c.p. Says:

    this is too dang funny girl, lol!! I am guessing “most/all” of it is actually true?

  2. Nanny Says:

    Laughing really really hard is becoming a habit with every new story. I’m so lucky to KNOW all of these experiences are TRUE; they really really happened. Oh Leah.

  3. auntie coon Says:

    I just LOVE your “Little Leah” stories – MORE, MORE, MORE!!! Little Leah would make a great kid’s sit-com.

  4. Nanny Says:

    I confess – just HAD to read this again and laughed even more than the first time. Love your little skinny legs and mommy’s, um, “figure.”

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