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Letter of Complaint August 2, 2010

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Dear Craig,

I pride myself in being a woman of the community thus my deep affection for your website,  As evidence of my good character, please note that I can provide 828 personal references (see facebook profile).  I was extremely excited to contribute an opportunity of a lifetime on your website last week.  You can imagine my horror when not once but twice my posting was flagged and consequently removed only minutes after publishing.  One would assume I had posted pornographic material or something equally as offensive but I assure you my ad was indeed tasteful if not charitable. It is not often that people, in this faltering society, offer up free professional guidance and experience.  I was doing this.  In return I was met with hostility and dismissal.  By removing my post you are only hurting those seeking a better life and better resume.  I will not give up, Craig.  I owe it to my community.  Please stop flagging and removing the following ad:

Personal Assistant Opportunity of a Lifetime!!! (Westside, Brentwood, Santa Monica)

Date: 2010-07-30, 8:49AM PDT
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]


Looking for someone who has ZERO experience as a personal assistant. I am a non-professional who is here to help mold you and give you purpose in life. This will be EXCELLENT work experience on your resume for future employment. Must have car to run errands for me because I don’t trust you with mine, obviously. Also, must have phone so I can text you and call you at ALL hours of the day (you’re kind of like a doctor). You don’t have to speak English or even be a legal citizen (hablo espanol). Creative types wanted, especially if you can draw caricatures of me and my friends.  

Duties include (but are not limited to):

-Trips to Mc. Donald’s to get me a mid-day work snack or maybe a mid-night post bar snack (I will provide you with an item from the dollar menu).
-Frequent visits to the grocery/liquor store.
-Bar/Restaurant drop off and pick-ups, including my friends.
-Searching alleys for free furniture and fine art.
-Brushing the tangles from my hair.
-Following me with a clipboard in front of my friends so I look important.

This could be considered an internship, so if you’re a student I can give you credit.

You don’t need a resume. Just a picture and your horoscope sign.

*will consider providing gas money