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I Get Most of My Diet Tips from Roseanne April 26, 2010

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The fight for MSG…

Everyone loves a good underdog, why do you think the Chicago Cubs still have fans.? I’ve been on board with the world-wide health kick for several years and pride myself in frequenting the local co-op when money will allow such frivolous purchases.  Organic has become a household name whose reputation resembles that of the class slut who insists she’s still a virgin.  You cannot possibly convince me that everything claiming to be organic truly is. What does organic even mean!?  I am here today to defend the honor of MSG.

MSG, Magical Salty Goodness.  According to MSG is commonly blamed for contributing to the following diseases;  obesity, type II diabetes and high blood sugar.  I would be so brazen as to accuse ice cream and laziness of doing the same.  Why does everyone have to pick on poor MSG? Most people associate MSG with Chinese food, which is just plain racist. MSG can be found in the following delicious and culture-varied snacks:  fried chicken, turkey, burgers, potato chips, canned tuna, soups, sushi, fish and my favorite instant noodles!  YUMMY!

While I cannot argue that mild side affects such as vision loss and infertility should be addressed I must insist that with regular carrot consumption and extreme water intake these things really have no value. Like anything good in this world moderation is key i.e.  I moderately travel, see movies and rollerblade.

I do not judge those who would like to free themselves of MSG sodden foods, however, it is important to remember that there are advocates, such as myself, that believe in the freedom of ingestion.

MSG 4 Life!


One Response to “I Get Most of My Diet Tips from Roseanne”

  1. Brian Wilson Says:

    Do Virgins Really still exist? Urban Legend I am sure.

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