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More journals on the Pura Vida April 2, 2010

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Day 66 in the big CR, still in Montezuma: Breakfast of fruit, yogurt and granola.  Overlooking the ocean. I need space.  The fellowship is starting to wear on me.  They are all going to go to the waterfalls and I want to go but I decided, for my health, to stay behind.  I go for a walk on the beach and find a rock where I sit and journal for a bit.  I listen to meditation music and ponder my life which ends up stressing me out a bit, crap. I perform some yoga on the beach and then decide it’s not worth the weird stares I’m getting from some of the male locals.   I go back to the room and write, grateful for the silence.  Heidi returns and informs me that we will soon make a dinner in the guys’ room and call it an early night because we are going to get up super early to make our way to Manuel Antonio.  Fair enough.  Casey and I go to the super Mercado and find some ingredients that will constitute a semi decent meal since our kitchen really only provides bowls, silver wear, a hotplate and a crockpot.  So we commence the cooking and Heidi and I are designated prep cooks, which I quickly learn is simply bitch work because all you do is chop stuff.  And let’s face it, I’m a crappy chopper!  But the meal is amazing, or maybe it’s just that we haven’t eaten anything since breakfast, oh but wait I forget to tell you all that at one point all of the noodles while being drained were dropped into our disgusting hotel sink, and we still ate them cuz why the hell not!? We all agree that a walk down on the beach is needed.  We hear thunder and go outside where an amazing lightning display dances in the star filled sky.  We go down to the beach and find a spot on some rocks that aren’t too wet.  There we sit and admire the many lightning flashes that fill the sky over the ocean.  It was so incredibly beautiful and amazing. Never have I seen a lightning storm over the ocean like this and I feel, once again, so incredibly small and blessed in this vast universe.   We then call it a night after talking about how we are the most random group of people possible and how on Earth did we all manage to find each other and become friends.  I’m glad that I took the day to myself earlier because I now feel connected to my traveling group once again and the love we share for one another is nothing short of miraculous.

Day 67… Day 8 of random travel;  Alarm goes off at 5am.  I hate my life.  Since when did leisure travel involve early mornings!?   And, seriously I love this town so why are we leaving?  But I am a team player so I get up, wash my face, get dressed and grab my suitcase/backpack.  Have I described my luggage yet!?  I didn’t think so…  Okay so this thing is like a really big duffel bag but it has rollers and an extendable handle to roll the sucker but wait, on the belly of the bag you can unzip two big back pack straps so you can wear it like a back pack as well.  I was rolling it happily along most of this journey until one of my wheels hit a bad patch and now it sucks and I have been forced to wear that heifer on my back which, let’s face it, is quite difficult for me, except I do feel more adventurous and like a true back packer, I suppose.  My back hurts.  The point is that I put this back pack on and we walk to the local bus stop and then we sit there and wait for what seems like forever because Zeke got the time wrong.  The bus actually comes at 6:30 or so.  This bus is the most ridiculous bus ever.  It is an old school bus with zero shocks or suspension.  The back door of the bus (and remember we are SO cool so we always sit in the back) is broken and every time we hit a bump or take a turn it rattles and large plumes of dust pour into our faces. This three hour ride wouldn’t have been so bad if most of it wouldn’t have taken place on an old dirt road.  I had spent a few minutes earlier that morning deciding whether or not I wanted to wear a bra for the trip and I am SO glad that I opted to wear one (granted my lady shelf is small, but still that was a TON of bouncing!).  We finally made it to Quepos where we all desperately needed food.  We ate and then got a bus to Manuel Antonio.  Our hostel is amazing and overlooks the ocean up on a mountain. Little goats and cows are grazing on the valley grass below us and everything is lush green. This is where I currently sit and now it is time for me to put this computer down and get active with the group. Trip to the Avion, a big bomber plane restaurant.  Yes, a restaurant that was made out of an old plane that crash landed back in the day, How Resourceful!


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  1. Nanny Says:

    Oh my Leah, you keep topping yourself: the ocean lightening, the suitcase, and gullible me, until I enlarged it, I believed the bus photo was really THE bus…or maybe it is!

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