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The Sun Also Rises… March 26, 2010

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And the traveling continues.

“travel day” aka “worst day ever.”  Bus after long bus ride after long bus ride.  Caranas is easily the worst town in Costa Rica, at least that I have seen thus far.  It is a dusty desert place and hot as hell with nothing there!  We had an hour wait and it made me very thankful that I had spent the last two months in beautiful Chilamate and not in this heat dust-hole.   By the time we left Puntarenas I was so crabby, hungry and tired that I could not fully enjoy the large party ferry that carried us across to Playo Naranjo.  From there we had another 2 hour or so bus ride until we finally made it to Santa Teresa.  Sleep.

Santa Teresa!!!!  You are so beautiful.  Sea shell collecting with Heidi in the morning.  The beach is wide.  A swim in the afternoon.  I have missed the salt water, I have missed this ocean. It feels so amazing to be back together!  Why did I ever leave her?

surfers and surfers and beaches and beaches, it's Santa Teresa.

We pack snacks for the sunset.  Gouda cheese and a baguette, I feel like a princess!  A late night dinner of guacamole and an avocado salad.  I LOVE salad, oh how I’ve missed it.  I am thoroughly enjoying this much needed break from rice and beans.  That evening is easily one of the best nights here in Costa Rica.  We go for a night time swim and it literally feels as if we are swimming in a planetarium.  The stars, THE STARS, everywhere in this clear sky.  Warm ocean waves crash over my body as I float looking up overhead, lost in this expansive universe.  This is love and the word spiritual comes to mind.

Jon Mark arrives!  We have the fellowship.  A late start to the day.  Breakfast and we pack up.  Goodbye Santa Teresa, hello Mal Pais.  But wait, Mal Pais is only a mile from here?  I’m pretty sure we walked that and then some the day before on our trip to the bank.  Oh Shit, we get dropped off at a hotel that doesn’t even have any vacancies and now we are stranded because Mal Pais doesn’t have nada.  We send out a scouting crew; Heidi, Casey and Zeke.  Jon Mark, Lee and myself wait with the luggage.  They are gone forever!  It’s hot, our bags are roasting under the sun but no one is motivated to move them into the shade.  We eat yippy bars.  They come back and we decide to go to some place that starts with a C, where we will have a kitchen in our room for Casey to cook and then we can day trip it to Montezuma tomorrow.  We wait for the bus outside of the liquor store and play fusball. A small crowd comes to witness the fun and two guys announce they are from Iowa.  We all embrace and yell a hooray for the Hawkeyes!  We have to run to the bus and this is hard (I often feel like a tall, clumsy turtle carrying around an oversized uncomfortable shell). The little C town isn’t even on the beach, WTF?  We are the worst travelers ever!  We check out the hotel room and there’s no kitchen.  Fail. We go back to the bus stop in this little C town, grab some more beer and wait for the next bus to Montezuma.  We get there and everything is magically better because this place is amazing!! The boys’ room has a kitchen so Casey cooks for us.  It’s delicious.  Heidi and I have the best room because it overlooks the ocean.  We play P and A after dinner. Mid game Heidi (who is President) announces that she is going to take a thirty minute nap and then the game will resume… what? Who does that!?  I demand that I take presidency while she naps, I get mad at Jon Mark for calling me a menstruating bitch so I go to bed.  Heidi wakes me up and says there’s a party in the street and I have to come.  I agree.  The party is fun and the bar Chico’s is crazy packed.  Making friends and dancing and then another late night swim.  Waking up to the sound of the ocean in our cabin room. Montezuma is a success.  Tomorrow: yoga on the beach.


4 Responses to “The Sun Also Rises…”

  1. auntie coon Says:

    That water is so beautiful! Do you have a destination?

  2. ash Says:

    Why did I ever let you read Hemingway? It could destroy you.

  3. Nanny Says:

    Leah honey, check today’s email from me, Nanny.

  4. Nanny Says:

    What do they mean, my comment needs moderation? To what, my old age?

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