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The “Itch”… June 18, 2009

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poormeI’m officially frustrated.  It’s that time again… time when the current situation isn’t good enough and I have to find something better out into the unknown, well sorta.

It’s a curse, a god awful curse, in which for some reason I cannot simply stay put in one city, have a job, a great social life and be content.  I blame my semester abroad, damn you London.  Before then I seemed to be a perfectly happy resident of Indianola, Iowa.  While I dreamt of traveling it didn’t interfere with my day to day life and happiness.  Only after London did the itch start, well, itching.  Sooo I concentrated on Barcelona and patiently awaited that time.  

 I was living in Barcelona with trips to Europe and the Mediterranean Sea and seven months in I started to want something different.  Who the hell wants anything different than Barcelona??  Granted the metro is terrible and some Catalans are rude but in general… cheap wine, amazing food, siesta mentality, cheap living, a hub of international travelers, great weather and amazing art and architecture.  But, NO… I needed something different.

The original plan was to go home over christmas, get my fill of the fam and back home friends and then ship off to South America, where I would be volunteering for approximately 3 months.  I ended up securing a volunteer position in Costa Rica at a bird sanctuary (yea, a little weird).  So now you’re asking yourself, wait, I don’t remember Leah being in Costa Rica….  That’s because in January I flew out to LA to meet the novio and had an incredible time and re-united with my bestie, Kelly (a roommate from London).  I talked to the boyfriend and we both said, why not LA now?  

So here I am… it’s June, and I live in Santa Monica LA CAli. I’m 10 blocks from the ocean, 6 from the promenade and living in an adorable house with two amazing ladies.  So what’s wrong now Leah??  I’m ITCHY… so damn ITCHY.hermosabeach

What do I want?  Everything…

South America is pretty much out at the moment, they don’t pay enough there and I need to at least be able to send $350 back monthly to pay that stupid bitch Sallie Mae.  

For a while I dreamt of Thailand, but after traveling there I feel as if that’s checked off the list.

I have dreams of the blue, green sea… a rusty bicycle and cheap mexican beer. Anyone? Anyone?meandbikehermosa

Europe, damn you Europe and your EU passport working visa laws…  I could always go back to spain and work illegally, teaching, but I prefer to do something new and adventurous and possibly legal.

Ok, Hawaii??  What the hell can I do in Hawaii?  They already know English! They probably have fat clinics there that I can work for, but let’s face it, one only needs to work at a fat clinic as a receptionist once in her life.  Oh my god, I’m doomed to be a traveling waitress or something for the rest of my life because I won’t stay put long enough to create any sort of career!! And I keep getting older!! NOooooooOOooooo 

Korea, they have hefty salaries for teaching, but am I ready to commit to a whole year there?  A whole year anywhere?  

As I type this I literally have hives (yes, that I keep scratching) all over my legs, stressing out over where to go to next and the necessity of a plan. WHERE TO NEXT…?

There’s always my mom’s basement.

i look for the answer from the wise sea...

i look for the answer from the wise sea...


3 Responses to “The “Itch”…”

  1. Gema Says:

    I know what’s going to happen: we all are going to live to Menorca and became rich, I don’t have the details about how this is happening, but I have a feeling… 😉

  2. Diz Says:

    There’s always Des Moines….miss you!!!

  3. auntie coon Says:

    Thailand? Hot damn, girl! I’ve known a lot of people who spend time in Thailand, and they all said it was a truly beautiful place.
    What did you think of it? When were you there?
    I thought it was an orphanage you were checking into? Was it perhaps for orphaned birds, not children? I’m confused……….

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