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Caged Bird… May 21, 2009

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Sorry about the static as I entered my large parking structure for the Flynt buildings’ working slaves. Yes, true, I work in the Larry Flynt building in Beverly Hills where apparently his office on the tenth floor is made of gold…right. Aaaahhhhh how drastically my life has changed now that I have responsibility. Once, I was carefree, free to roam the calles of LA, free to audition for ridiculous game shows, free to spend hours blogging.  Now I am glued to a reception desk with flourescent lighting ruining my blessed
complexion as I longingly look out our large windows onto the beautiful streets of 90120 (Dillon, Brandon Kelly, is that you?).  I spend my hours using a falsetto voice, appeasing patients and acting excited to see 
strangers with weight problems. I find joy in a label maker and choosing which highlighter color to use on a patient’s chart. 
Oh give me freedom, give me the sea, give me cutoff shorts and the mediterranean.  My creative juices drown in agony. I must stay positive, clutch my label maker and know that soon my dream career will materialize in the flesh. 
Of course the Singing Bee calls me now.  Taunting me with casting calls, laughing at my caged existence. I tell them I cannot make it and I watch as my lifelong dream of singing incorrect lyrics in front of millions vanishes into the abyss of unlived glories.  Instead I lend my voice to the waiting room, casually singing to the soft arias of classic light rock.
Someone once asked me, “Leah, why does the caged bird sing?” 
Because someday that bird will be freed and go on the Singing Bee game show with Joey Fatone, and when that day comes, this little bird will be ready!

One Response to “Caged Bird…”

  1. ashheskett Says:

    bahahaha. you funny.

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