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I love thrift stores, Cat Stevens and apparently Maude. May 17, 2009

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It’s been a while… and there’s a perfectly good reason for my lollygagging.  I got a job!  It’s only natural that I, Leah, work with medical charts and around sterile lab equipment.  Yes, I am the new face of a private bariatric clinic in Beverly Hills.  By face I mean receptionist/front desk and by bariatric I mean overweight.  Why wouldn’t I help chubby people by obnoxiously over-sharing while they wait to see the doctor?  But my current state of employment is not our topic today, only a fact, that may or may not change any day…

This evening I watched the movie Harold & Maude for the very first time (thank you Jackie!!!).  It changed my life, well, just my day for now. Anyways for those who are not familiar with this flick let me tell you the quick summary:

Harold is a young (like 18 or so) social misfit who spends most of his time attending funerals and faking his own suicide.  Maude is approaching 80, lives in an old train, steals peoples’ cars and has picnics in the landfill.  The two meet and fall in love.  blah blah blah. you get it.

The credits began to roll and there it was… this voice, the voice of an angel whom I recognized immediately! It was my Cat Stevens!  And on the credits read, songs composed and sung by Cat Stevens.  I almost peed myself!  I hadn’t been this excited since Phil Collins wrote and sang all the music to Disney’s Tarzan.  And so all throughout this film I was mesmerized by the beauty of the music and the free spirited Maude.  For those that do not know about Cat Stevens, he was probably the best singer/songwriter of the peace time era.  Shortly after his years of success he converted to Islam, changed his name to Yusuf Islam, moved to the holy land, entered an arranged marriage and has been living a peaceful and spiritual life since.  But he is back! Yes he is now promoting new music and even has a musical titled Moonshadow (after a great song).  

I am Maude, you are Maude, we are Cat/Yusuf/Stevens.  We are all a part of this free world of craziness! Free hugs for everyone!!!!! ok, not everyone, but for most everyone!!! YAY!!  love you all!


One Response to “I love thrift stores, Cat Stevens and apparently Maude.”

  1. auntie coon Says:

    When I saw your title I immediately thought “Maude” – Bea Arthur”. She’s dead you know. They’re dropping like flies out there!

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