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My job title, My identity… crap. April 23, 2009

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Something I have become increasingly aware of during my search for employment is how much “titles” really matter. I am drawn to exotic sounding positions such as “Creative Consultant.”  What the hell is that?  I don’t know but I’m definitely going to find out and would most definitely be happy with that title on my business card.  I just can’t bear the idea of telling people I’m an “Administrative Assistant” or “Receptionist”  or “Office Assistant” or “Front Desk Representative.”  I didn’t got to college for four, ahem, five years to have some boring, average, unimpressive job title.  I mean I was “Director of Operations” in Barcelona, Spain all last year!  How can I go from that to “JR. Clerical Representative.”   Who is in charge of creating these blase status defining names anyways?  

Example: I am a “blogger.”  

No Way Jose… I’m not some ordinary fool on the computer whose dear diary entries waste internet space.

I am a “Pro-Bono Word Artist.”  

When I used to collect old paintings, weavings and other decoratives from thrift stores, alleys and garage sales, I thought the “work” that I was doing deserved a fresh title. 

Leah Josephson, “Odd Art Enthusiast.”

Nice, huh?

The point is, do I really want to work for a company who stifles my creative growth by applying a lousy, uninspired identity?  Well, at this point, yes because I need a job.  But as soon as this recession is over, I will regain my principles and answer, NO.

As I skim the Craigslist postings one more time I am desperately searching for that perfect job title to jump out at me.  Nope, not “Kennel Attendant.”  

Leah Josephson, “Hopelessly Unimpressed.”


p.s. the singing bee people e-mailed me to inform me I have been chosen for the final round, they’ll be presenting my folder to the producers… oh dear.


2 Responses to “My job title, My identity… crap.”

  1. Teacher of the Year Says:

    How do you like my title?

  2. Kristy Says:

    what happened with the singing bee?? final round or what?

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