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It’s the creesis damnit… search for a trabajo. April 1, 2009

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Call me naive or blonde (oh crap…not blonde anymore) but this whole finding a job thing is a lot harder than I thought. Until now I have been pretty carefree about the whole process in general.  Positive affirmations of the perfect career landing in my lap just hasn’t “worked” (oooh a play on words, good one leah). And my craigslist browsing hasn’t been too successful either.

Ok, so maybe I’ve been a little too picky… good salary, flexibility (as in only having to work 3 out of the 4 weeks so I can see my novio once a month), benefits a plus, nearby location, casual dress attire, oh and a decent title is obviously important not to mention traveling is always fun.  Sounding wonderful?  Yeah, well it doesn’t exist (and if it does pleeeeaaase tell me how to apply!).  

So now I am faced with reality and a tight deadline.  I MUST find a job by the end of April when my short term lease here ends. I will broaden my horizons and allow for some different job requirements:  decent salary, benefits still would be nice, and decent salary.  

Deep breath, I AM Erin Brokavich! So I flooded ads with my articulate cover letters and attached resumes.  Granted there have been slight drawbacks… oh like the fact my resume apparently sucked horribly, oops?  My recruiter friend so kindly helped me out with the following advice:

Friend-“LEAH you can’t put your picture on your resume!!”

Me- “Why not?  It’s all the rage in Europe?”

Friend- “This isn’t Europe.”

Me- “Oh crap, it isn’t?”

Friend- “Um, trying using a format, your details are all over the place and you forgot to include months next to the years for your various jobs.”

Me- “…Right”

Friend- “Um, don’t include the start and finish date of your college… they don’t need to know that you were there for 5 years…”

Me- “(quietly wishing it were six or seven) Hhhmm not impressive?”

Friend- “Dear God Leah, you HAVE to take out your interests part!! Oh my god, ‘recreational sports and my cat Gunther’ (laughing) Leah, seriously.”

Me- “What’s wrong with that?  It gives it a personal touch.”

Friend- “(still laughing) I’m going to send you a couple of sample resumes.  Please look at them, edit yours and send it back.”


Also, I had applied for an International Admissions Advisor position (so up my alley) and I know that now a days you’re supposed to follow up, ya know, really show them you’re interested.  I called the HR lady and her voice mail went something like this, “Hi, you’ve reached the desk of blah Mcblaherson, if you are calling about a job posting please do NOT leave a message, we review all resumes and contact those we find most qualified, if you are calling in regards to something else please leave a brief message and I will return your call.”  I panicked.  It beeped.  “Um, eerr hi.  This is Leah Josephson calling, and I uh know you said not to leave a message regarding job postings, however, I really think you should know that I am the best candidate for your International Admissions Advisor position, really, so um yeah you can call me at blah blah blah blah… thanks, take care.” Eeeewwww, I single handily ruined my chances there, good job cupcake.  

It’s ok, we’re learning, we’re learning, like I said a few “slight” setbacks.

Unemployed and apparently incompetent, why God? why?  And no... I'm wearing a tube top pervert.

Unemployed and apparently incompetent, why God? why? And no... I'm wearing a tube top pervert.



All day today I have been applying and searching, searching and applying, including a hollywood stars driving tour guide position (yeah I know, pretty big wig). Maybe my ugly brown hair will make me appear more serious in my interviews (trying to be positive).  I’m still crossing my fingers for that close to perfect job, but it looks like I might be serving frozen yogurt soon.


2 Responses to “It’s the creesis damnit… search for a trabajo.”

  1. Julia Says:

    so where do you want said job?

  2. kristy Says:

    leah, i can totally hear my sister saying this to you. good job conveying that perfectly through your writing.

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