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Hajj to a slimmer waist and tight butt March 30, 2009

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My hajj to Mecca differs slightly from Islamic tradition. Hajj, usually referred to as “pilgrimage” is, for me, more of a lumbering, slow, pitiful ascent. And Mecca, a term for a precise location (religious holy land) is more of a state of physical perfection in my case. Why would I be so brazen and dare to compare my journey for physical perfection to a serious Islamic tradition?  Because I’m slightly insensitive and from what I hear the Hajj is long and difficult (now you see the metaphor…). 

Dear Treadmill,

It’s been a while, sorry.  We’re breaking up.  It’s not you, it’s me.  I’ve met someone else.  Who, you ask?  A big pile of sand.  Yeah, I know… not so good on paper.  You’re great, don’t get me wrong.  I like the way you can tell me exactly how many calories I’ve burned and I love the convenient water bottle holder.  But let’s face it, you’re hard on my knees and scenically speaking you don’t offer much.  I hope we can remain friends…?




Dear big pile of sand near my house (Sand Dune Park),sandhill

Hi sweetie!! I know we just saw each other this afternoon but do you miss me yet?  Oh gosh, today was fun.  I can’t believe how many people actually come and climb you! But don’t worry I’m not the jealous type.  I just think it’s so neat that I, along with most of Manhattan Beach, found such a different and almost fun way to work out.  I also really appreciate the rope in the middle to keep children to one side and exercising adults to the other (nothing worse than little sand throwing assholes when I’m getting sweaty).  It’s such a great feeling of accomplishment once I’ve made it to your peak!  My calves are a little sore right now, I’m not gonna lie.  But with your help I know this could be a really good thing (and my butt agrees).  Can’t wait to see you tomorrow! I’m gonna wear my new sport’s bra 😉



Yes, finally I can be like the girls in the SELF and FITNESS magazine pictures!! You know, they are always doing some crazy lunge or squatting eagle thing on a beach somewhere sunny.  And I don’t even have to feel dumb because there are a bunch of other people walking/lunging/crawling up this big sand pile!  While my Hajj to a slimmer waist and tight butt is still long and difficult I have now regained some sort of hope thanks to my new neighborhood sand hill.  Hoooorraaaay!


2 Responses to “Hajj to a slimmer waist and tight butt”

  1. Diz Says:

    Seriously? How is this my first reading of before-mentioned blog? Absolutely love it (obviously). Keep up the awkward interactions and California explorations please!

  2. I want a neighborhood sand hill too!

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